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Philippines ---Nice place for MBBS Study

Do you know that more than 10000 international students enroll in Philippines Medical Schools. More than 50% out of these foreign Me...

Do you know that more than 10000 international students enroll in Philippines Medical Schools. More than 50% out of these foreign Medical students are from India. Medical Schools in Philippines are known for its quality and sending thousands of doctors and engineers every year to work in USA, UK, and other developed western countries. According to CHED(Commission on Higher Education in Philippines), it has 2299 higher educational institutions and 40 medical colleges. According to American Physician Statistics, one among ten Physicians in the USA studied at Philippines Medical Institutions.

MBBS in Philippines - An Overview

Basic Eligibility 50% in PCB for General Category
NEET Exam Qualifying Score is Compulsory
NEET2019:134 for Unreserved and 107 for Reserved
Course Pattern BS+MD(Doctor of Medicine)
Course Duration 5.5 (Includes Internship)
Minimum Course Fee ₹ 2.5 Lakhs/Year
Maximum Course Fee ₹ 6 Lakhs/Year
Cost of Living in Philippines ₹ 12000/Month to ₹ 15000/Month
Currency Philippines Peso(PHP)
Timezone UTC+8
Medium of Teaching English
Recognition By MCI, WHO, WFME

Everything You Need to Know About Study MBBS In Philippines

Do you know that, there are ~ 80,000(as of Jun-2020) MBBS seats in India? If you belong to any reserved category and scored NEET marks above 107(as per NEET-2019 qualifying score), you become eligible to study medical course in India as well as in abroad. Eventhough, it may sound very easy, only half of these MBBS seats are affordable by Indian medical aspirants. Tuition fees for MBBS Seat in Government college range between Rs 10,000 to 1,00,000 per year which makes it affordable. Good news is that as of 2020, 42000+ government MBBS Seats are available in India. If your NEET All India Rank is within 15000, you have very good chance to get MBBS Seat through All India Quota MBBS Admission Counselling conducted by Medical Counseling Committee.

What if you miss to get a high score in NEET Exam? You have two options,
1. If your medical education budget is close to 1 crore and you wish to study medicine only in India, you can join private or deemed medical university. The main problem when you choose this option is that, many of these private medical colleges have poor infrastructure and facilities because they are less than 10 years old
2. If your budget for MBBS tuition fees is below 20 Lakhs and you are comfortable to travel and study MBBS in abroad, you can pick the right medical university from abroad countries like Philippines, China or Russia. By choosing abroad medical universities, you can save upto 70% of the tuition fees. The advantage of study MBBS In Philippines is that there are many reputed MBBS colleges in Philippines and other abroad countries with great infrastructure and medical facilities that are 50+ years old.

What is MBBS in Philippines
1. Philippines offers a medical course named MD program [Doctor of medicine] which is equivalent to MBBS in India, UK, Pakistan, and other Commonwealth countries.
2. MD(MBBS) in Philippines is almost similar to MBBS in India. Syllabus for the MD program course duration is divided into 3 phases, 1.Pre-Medicine, 2.Para-Clinical, 3.Clinical. MD subjects cover all the aspects related to the human body and its functioning.

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