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What’s about Georgia?

Between the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea there called an adorable place Georgia. After the separation from the Soviet Union in 1991, the Russians had seized control of the country. Even after Georgia regained its independence, Russian influence and involvement can easily be seen in the living style, architecture and food of the country. Georgians love to eat, dance and drink and as soon as you land in this foodie country, you’ll get invitations to try a variety of food and drinks available here. Perhaps it is the delectable wines of the place and its legendary hospitality that lures visitors to the country. It is the world’s first cultivated Grapevines and Neolithic wine producing country in the world dating back for over 8,000 years. Georgians call their country Sakartvelo and the word has ancient middle age roots. Once when it was a part of the Persian Empire, the people here were known as “Gurj”. Same as India where we consider any guest as a god and we have a saying here – “Atithi Devo Bhavah” means the guest is like a god, in Georgia as well, there is a saying – “A guest is a gift from God.” Hospitality in Georgia makes people think that they are in their own country and consequently extend their stay in the country no matter for what reason they are in the country. Georgia is also renowned for its arts, culture and architecture, because of the combination of traditional and modern infrastructure and cities. Getting around in Georgia is easy too, and entry is even easier. There is no Visa requirement for many nationals and for those who require a visa; the formalities are uncomplicated and easily fulfilled.

MBBS in Georgia

Georgia comprises two levels of higher education, and students can opt to study with vocational programs and alongside they might need two more years of study for special training courses to attain diplomas, or continues studying in universities. This Eurasian country has the literacy rate of over 90% which is because of a prominent education system in the country. All the state and private Universities award Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and Doctorate’s degrees to national and international students. There are no English test requirements such as IELTS or TOEFL to study MBBS in Georgia. Even there is no interview and funds required to acquire Georgian visa for many nationals. Georgia offers best studying opportunities without troubles and hassles to international students for MBBS in Georgia. Other important factors that compel international students to study MBBS in Georgia are the affordable course fee, economical living expenses and cheap travel expenses. Travelling in the country is relatively very affordable than travelling for MBBS in Europe and other western countries. On top of that, studying MBBS in Georgia is relatively very cheap as well. Whatever you spend in India for any medical or non-medical specialities, you will pay almost one-fourth of it when studying MBBS in Georgia.

The Advantages of Studying  MBBS in Georgia

  1. The fees of studying MBBS in Georgia is very cheap.
  2. The medium of instruction for MBBS in georgia is English.
  3. MBBS in georgia is recognized by the Medical Council of India.
  4. The medical universitites in Georgia have experienced and dedicated faculties who guide students in preparing for the screening test.
  5. Indian students do not have to sit for any MBBS entrance exam. MBBS Admission in Georgia is based on the marks obtained in class 12th.
  6. The Indian students who have passed (MD) MBBS from medical universities are highly knowledgeable.
  7. Indian Food and Asian Food are available as indian students can find Indian restaurants easily.
  8. Travel Expenses amd Cost of living are affordable for MBBS in Georgia.
  9. Georgia has diverse weather conditions that can be easily adapted by Indian students for MBBS in Georgia.

MCI Approved Medical Universities in Georgia

  1. Ivane Javakhashvili Tbilisi State University
  2. “AIETI” Medical School
  3. Akaki Tsereteli State University
  4. Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University
  5. David Agmashenebeli University of Georgia
  6. David Tvildiani Medical University
  7. European University
  8. High Medical School “Ayeti”
  9. Kutaisi Medical Institute “Kutaisi”
  10. LLC Caucasus International University, Tbilisi, Georgia
  11. New Vision University, Georgia
  12. Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Medical Academy
  13. Tbilisi Medical University “Hippocrates”
  14. Tbilisi Public University “Metekhi
  15. Tbilisi State Medical University
  16. Teaching University Geomedi, Georgia

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