Use of GPC WORLD name & goodwill
Being part of a national network: GPC WORLD is now a leader in Virtual Learning in India
Benefit from national & international tie-ups
Centre Lay-out planning
Furniture & Interior decor standards
Infra procurement advice
Faculty and Sales staff recruitment & training
Standard course information brochures
Manuals/SOPs covering all centre procedures
Course record log books
General trouble shooting support
Course Material for students
Standard student selection procedure
Faculty appointment and the 90% delivery part by GPC WORLD
Top quality faculty support and guidance available
Best pedagogy for teaching across India and abroad
Centre Management guidance with adherence to norms
On-going trouble shooting for centre management
Continuous support for staff training
Access to new training products & technology
Availability of product and service upgrades
New Product Launch & training
Marketing strategy
Sales Processes
Course scheduling strategy
Student counseling guidance
Periodic support visits by GPC WORLD business representatives
Session guide plan
Mock tests

Marketing Support
To ensure the success of our Business Partners, GPC WORLD has planned for Marketing Support Campaigns on the following lines:
National Advertising Campaign Support
National Tele-calling Support – Hotline
National SMS campaign support
National E-mailer Campaign Support
On line SEO & SMO Marketing support
Online Lead generation through PPC & Google Campaigns

Virtual Learning is rapidly gaining in popularity in the Educational Sector. As GPC WORLD is one of the leading Virtual Learning Institutions in India using its Focus Virtual Learning Environment (FVLE) is achieved a consistent level of innovation by offering definitive career oriented courses in various fields and have shaped the careers of students, transforming them into leaders.

Since we are providing an educational service in a competitive environment, the centre should be located in a place where students will find it convenient to attend.
In deciding the location, please bear in mind the following factors:
Highly visible frontage / signage
High student flow area
Premises approved for commercial use
Preferably ground floor or with easy access if on higher floor
Adequate electricity / water provision
Long lease period of premises (if not owned)
Interior space – preferably open with minimum pillars for ease of layout.
The working environment has to be congenial and conducive to motivate creative work. For this, suitable interior partition work to blend with environment will have to be done. All interiors need to be done as per specifications provided by us.
While creating your interiors, special emphasis should be placed on the following:
Stabilized and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
Air-conditioned , dust free classrooms and front office
Separate conveniences for ladies and gents
Isolated from traffic noise
A generator or an inverter set for power backup

Hardware Requirements:
Barring the classroom, most area in the office will have fixed furniture and fittings which need to be in accordance with the GPC WORLD Design Manual. Computer hardware can be sourced from a supplier of your choice. Only legal software is to be used at the office as per the laid down list.
The hardware recommended for the centre is as below.

No. of Computers 5-7
No. of Laser Printers 1
UPS/power backup 1
Air-Conditioner 2

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